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 Receiving Delivery Report For Transactional SMS


2Factor Transactional SMS API supports upto 3 callback URLs for receiving SMS delivery reports in Realtime. To set custom callback URL, please refer to this article.

2Factor posts below parameters to the callback URL, as soon as it receives acknowledgement from the Operator.

Request Type: POST


Generic Parameters:
  • SessionId=cab66fcc-b7ee-49b2-a55d-6e74551109b2
  • SmsTo=8431345566
Status Parameters:
  • SmsStatus=DELIVERED
  • StatusGroupId=3
  • StatusGroupName=DELIVERED
  • StatusId=5
  • StatusDescription=Message delivered to handset

Error Parameters:
  • ErrorGroupId=0
  • ErrorGroupName=OK
  • ErrorId=0
  • ErrorName=NO_ERROR
  • ErrorDescription=No Error
  • ErrorPermanent=false


Parameter Details:


Generic Parameters:
  • SessionId= Session id value generated at the time of executing an API
  • SmsTo=Phone number to which SMS was sent ( Ex. 918431345566 )
Status Parameters:
  • SmsStatus= Status Name
  • StatusGroupId= Status Group Id
  • StatusGroupName= Status Group Name
  • StatusId= Status Id
  • StatusName= Status Name
  • StatusDescription= Status Description

Error Parameters:
  • ErrorGroupId= Error Group Id
  • ErrorGroupName= Error Group Name
  • ErrorId= Error Id
  • ErrorName= Error Name
  • ErrorDescription= Error Description
  • ErrorPermanent= Flag indicating if the error is permanent


For more details on Status and Error Group Ids and corresponding descriptions,
please visit Here






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