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  1. questionHow do I verify user's phone numbers with missed call ( on iOS / Android / Web )
  2. questionI am using Dial2verify Core API to verify phone number, How do I know using API if the missed call was received or not?
  3. questionInternational Missed Call Number Pricing ( For October 2014 )
  4. questionWhat are shared missed call numbers? How can I use them?
  5. questionSetup Call Forwarding To SafeGuard Your Missed Call Number
  6. questionIntroduction To Dial2Verify Missed Call Service in India
  7. questionHow to implement Missed Call based Voting / Polls / Campaigns with Dial2verify? ( For Lead Generation )
  8. questionI am receiving some errors while using Plug-N-Play plugin
  9. questionHow can I obtain Missed call details for missed calls received on Plug-N-Plaugin
  10. questionIs this service really FREE as it mentions on the website.
  11. questionCan I use same API key for production purpose?
  12. questionOur daily verification volume is in thousands, is Dial2Verify capable of handling high volume of verifications.
  13. questionI already have a website, and do not wish to change code, Do you have a solution?
  14. questionWhere can I use Dial2verify service? Is it useful to my business
  15. questionWhat are the best things of Dial2Verify over alternate service providers.
  16. questionCan I also verify Landline Numbers with my Dial2Verify account?
  17. questionI am a new startup with probably low budget, Do you have suitable plans for me?
  18. questionHow secure is my verification data @ Dial2Verify will our user base be available to others?
  19. questionIs there a risk because of caller-id spoofing?
  20. questionWhy your businesse needs customer mobile number verification?
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