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Introducing mOTP Real-Time Dashboard | Track mOTPs Live ! Preview
Last Updated by Dial2Verify - 4th of August 2015 06:32 AM

mOTP Dashboard

mOTP Real-Time Dashboard

Thanks to all users who continuously supported us in launching the dashboard feature.

mOTP Dashboard is finally out and provides a Real-time summary of mOTPs sent via mOTP API

Click Here for Live Preview


How To:

mOTP dashboard can be accessed at Here You are required to replace <APIKEY> in the URL with your mOTP API key.

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What is mOTP:

For those, who have forgotten what mOTP is,

Project mOTP is the very First project, introducing concept of sending one time passwords via missed calls and thereby eliminating most of the hurdles ( viz Cost, Delays etc ) in sending OTP across the globe.



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