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[Update] Control Panel Revamped With New Features + Free Credits Inside
Last Updated by Dial2Verify - 29th of October 2015 01:05 AM

2Factor Cp News1

Dear User,

This email is to walk you thru new features loaded on 2Factor Control Panel.

2Factor.in provides Highly Reliable and Supercharged OTP service for Web / Mobile / App platforms ( that Works ! ).

Businesses can utilize 2Factor API for sending quick OTPs ( One Time Passwords ) for customer phone verification.

2Factor Cp News5

New and Improved Search Panel

Users can now filter logs on a 'Date Interval' basis Or on a 'Delivery Status' basis Or using combination of both controls

Fully Ajax powered control panel refreshes OTP logs in real time and with minimal delay.

Preview here

2Factor Cp News3

Data Export To Multiple Formats

Control panel now provides you with an option to export Slice of data OR Full dump in variety of output formats.

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Clear visibility on Fallback Triggers

OTP Logs now provide a clear visibility on, If the fallback logic was triggered or not. The tick marked check-box, indicates Fallback logic was triggered.

2Factor Cp News4
2Factor Cp News6

Topup Account

Option to Topup SMS & VOICE OTP credits is now provided within control panel

Request Support

Requesting support is now a click away. Use Support link to raise a support ticket at 2Factor.

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What Next ?

Want to test 2Factor services?
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Here is a quick Documentation Reference.