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[Update] Introducing Intermediate Delivery Reports - Transactional SMS API
Last Updated by Dial2Verify - 6th of January 2016 02:51 AM



This mailer is to announce newly added feature to our 'Transactional SMS API'. An idea is to avail a real-time status of SMS delivery ( even when temporary GSM error occurs )

It may happen that user's phone is out of network or inbox is full or some other exception due to which sent sms is undelivered and lands in operator queue for retry attempts.

With traditional implementation, delivery report for such messages gets delayed until either message is delivered or expired after timeout period. In the mean time, developer remains clueless about reason for delayed delivery and this may hamper multiple business rules and affect the customer experience as well.

We thus decided to avail an intermediate delivery report to businesses, so they can track reason for delayed delivery and can trigger respective business rules. An intermediate delivery reportwould be sent for all non-permanent GSM errors ( error reference here ) and would follow standard delivery callback format as of Final delivery report.

To enable Intermediate delivery reporting feature on your account, drop us an email at hello@dial2verify.in

This feature is presently available only on VODAFONE route.

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