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Important Notification - Changes To Data Retention Policy - Dial2verify
Last Updated by Dial2Verify - 19th of January 2016 05:39 AM

Dear User,

This is to update you regarding important changes introduced in Dial2verify data retention policy.

Dial2verify shall retain Missed call and SMS logs for the maximum period stated below. Data would be archived to our backup datastores beyond the stated period and shall not be available within user control panel.

SMS Logs: 3 Days
Missed Call Logs: 1 Month


Why This Change ?

There are primarily 2 reasons for this,

Based on the user interaction data recorded, we noticed about 98% users browse missed call / sms logs not older than 1 week.

We thus decided to update our data retention policies so the operational data-sources can free up some space and users get better and faster user experience.

Effective Date:
Updated data retention policy would be effective starting 25th Jan 2016


How do I retrieve older logs if required?

Dial2verify shall send 'CSV' dump of Missed call and SMS logs on a periodic basis, as stated below.

Missed Call Logs:
Users shall receive an email, containing monthly 'CSV' dump of all the missed calls received in a previous month.

SMS Logs:
Users shall receive an email, at every 3 days period, containing 'CSV' dump of all the sent SMS.

To receive an email notification, you are required to update email address within Dial2verify user control panel.

data retention

Feel free to write us at hello@dial2verify.in should you need any assistance OR have queries regarding updated data retention policy.

Dial2verify Core Services Team
Solv Technologies, India

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