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Dial2Verify - API Version 2 - Introduction

lly the wait is over, We have released Version 2.01 of the Dial2Verify Customer Verification API. Its more powerful, robust and is currently available in its Beta version.
Let us give you a brief overview on how it works,

Dial2Verify Mobile Number Verification API :

A web / app developer can easily integrate missed call based customer verification service in their own website in less than a minute.  Here is the sequence of events, those occur in the verification process.

1. Web / Application developer calls Dial2Verify V2 API from their website and passes telephone number to verify + custom notification url as parameters ( Notification URL is used by Dial2Verify, to acknowledge back  the customer verification status to developer's website / App )

2. Dial2Verify API Initializes authentication process by providing a 'Dialing Number', in return to the API call. It returns a Random Dialing Number to the calling website. ( Dial2Verify currently supports multiple output formats, It can generate JSON Object response OR Image response)

Dial2Verify - API V2

3. Customer / Website visitor gives missed call to the Dialing Number visible on the screen. ( Web developer can display Image generated by the API directly in the website OR can also read a json object to print the dialing number )

4. As soon
as Dial2Verify Verification server receives a missed call from the user, It acknowledges verification details to the Notification URL set in the first API Call.

For detailed information on the parameters to be passed and parameters sent to the Notification url, Please checkout the 'Step2- Accessing Http API - Parameters Explained' article.

~ Team Dial2Verify
Missed Call Based Telephony Provider


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