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Dial2Verify Telephone Verification API Going Global ( USA Toll Free +1 415-692-3839 )
Dial2Verify Going Global ( USA Local Number Launched ) Beta

In an attempt to scale up Dial2Verify Telephone Verification platform we have released USA Local number for USA specific telephone verifications ( +1 415-692-3839 )

To Integrate USA telephone verification in the Existing API version, We have introduced a new parameter 'cn' ( Country Name )

Sample API call:
http://engine.dial2verify.in/Integ/API.dvf?version=2&passkey=RA$63AF2BAE-A1f2-11S2-B32F-36F93F4SCB0G&mobile=9920123456&notify=http://engine.dial2verify.in/Integ/CatchAll.dvf &out=JSON&e-notify=Y&cn=US

Note: You may also use
  • version : Specifies API Version number. ( For invoking API V2, it should be strictly passed as 2 and is a mandatory parameter )

  • passkey : Specifies the unique API Access key allotted to the developer. ( For all the versions of APIs, you can reuse the same API Access key )

  • mobile : Specified the telephone number to be verified. ( Ideally it should be a 10 digit Indian mobile number, But Dial2Verify API provides you with the facility to virtually validate any phone number )

  • notify : This parameter allows you to specify your custom URL, where you wish to receive acknowledgement data for once the user gives missed call to Dial2Verify verification system

    ( As soon as user gives a missed call to the allocated Dialing Number, Dial2Verify server would send a verification data to the Notification URL set above, This way, you can get Real time update of your customer verification and can Integrate the verification information to your custom databases / CRM Systems )

    Please note, it is a mandatory parameter and a URL set should be publicly available. In case you do not wish to receive back information, then specify
    as your Notify URL

  • out : Specifies the output response format

  • e-notify : Stands for Email Notification, Once this parameter value is set to 'Y'. On every number verification, an acknowledgement mail would be sent to the email addresses set in the API dashboard.

  • cn : cn Stands for Country Name, In the recent revision to the API ( API V 2.20 ), We introduced this parameter to extend the scope of verification to the global level. By default 'cn' takes value as 'IN' ( India ) and would generate verification number local to India.

    API Currently supports INDIA & USA verifications, and thus valid values for the 'cn' parameter are 'IN' / 'US'.

    If you pass 'cn' value as 'US' then it would generate a USA local number to listen to, thus user would require to give a missed call to US local number generated by the API.

For Detailed Documentation of API usage, please visit http://kb.dial2verify.in/?q=16

Feel free to reach out to us ( at support@dial2verify.in ) should you have any difficulties in using Dial2Verify Mobile Verification HTTP

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