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Customer Verification - Sample Code - With API V2
For missed call based customer verification and transaction authorization, You can easily integrate Dial2Verify API ( Version 2 ) into your Customer Registration Modules OR Order Processing Modules.

For better understanding, We are providing you a very simple but powerful sample code.
( You can download it and use it for own purpose, Code can be downloaded from the attachment section at the end of this article. )

The attachment contains 3 files.
1. index.php ( an ajax gui built up with using jquery )
2. GetImageAPIV2.php ( calls Dial2Verify User Layer interface for getting SID and the Verification Phone Image )
3. VerificationStatusAPIV2.php ( a status ping file, calls Dial2Verify User Layer interface for getting telephone verification status )

Live Example:

For more help OR for reporting issues / bugs, you can drop us an email at support@dial2verify.com


Click here to generate API Access key for production use.

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