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Dial2Verify Universal Plug-N-Play Plugin

Implement Customer Verification With Just ONE Additional Line Of Code.

"Why write hundreds of lines of code, When just "ONE LINE" can do it all" has always been our motto while availing our platform to web developers.

Recently, We have been receiving several requests from the developers, asking about availing Integration Plugins, for Open Source Software Programs. ( For easily integrating missed call based customer and transaction authorization, into open source software )

I am glad to announce, that our team has responded very promptly to the requests and have come up with A Special Plugin. We call it, 'Universal Plug & Play' plugin. The reason being, with just ONE additional line of code, you can leverage benefits of dial2Verify platform. You do not need to modify your existing software code, No need to install additional plugins, No need to invest more on understanding Dial2Verify Framework.

It is just ONE LINE CODE, which you need to insert before </body> tag of your webpage. The code will automatically mask your web form controls and would put dial2Verify code in front. Once user submits the form ( Signup / Checkout ) on your website, A modal window will appear on the screen, prompting your user to provide a missed call to the random number generated by the Dial2Verify API.

Once user gives a missed call to the number displayed in the modal window, Modal window will be closed and it would then SUBMIT your form to the ACTION URL Specified, there by making sure user identity is verified before accepting signups / order requests.

To see it in action, please give visit http://sample.code.dial2verify.in/plugins/Plug-N-Play/

We would soon release more demos covering Plug-N-Play plugin use cases. The Plugin is not yet released for the public use but you can go ahead and evaluate it for our own website, To integrate plugin, in your own website, just add following line of code, on your website ( just before thetag )


<!-- Dial2Verify Plug-N-Play code start --><script>
var formid= 'FormIdValue';
 var fieldname = 'TelNumInputBoxName';


<script src="http://plugins.dial2verify.com/PlugNPlay/Lib/PlugNPlay.dvf?demo=1">
<!-- Dial2Verify Plug-N-Play code End --></script>

Note: Replace the code highlighted above with the actual values.
formid: Id tag value of the <Form> tag
fieldname: Telephone number input box element name
alertVerify: ( values 1 / 0 ) [ Used to enable / disable missed call verification alert box )

Additional Examples:

Preview It Live

Use below link to preview Plug-N-Play code live on your website,


Just replace the parameter values for
url: change it to the url of your signup / checkout / login form
FormId: Id param value on your form
MobileNumber: Mobile number input name from your html form

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