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Plug-in Manager Now Integrated Within Dial2Verify Dashboard

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Since last few weeks we have been receiving several requests to avail Plug-In data integrated within central control panel, & Finally in this article we would brief you through 2 more useful features introduced within Plug-N-Play plugin scope.

1.     Now you can easily capture all the verification logs within central control panel hosted at http://usage.dial2verify.in ( To obtain your CP credentials, just give a missed call to 0-4466-9494-99 )

2.     Additionally we have introduced two more features to provide further customization into Plug-N-Play plugin.

2.1   You can now install multiple instances of Plug-N-Play plug-ins and separately track missed call logs for each instance. (This would allow you to use single account across multiple applications ). We have provided an integrated Plug-in Manager ( Beta ), where you can host multiple instances of Different available Plug-ins.
Plugin-Manager auto generates the Integration code for quick integration into your application.

       2.2   In addition to the Central control panel logs, You can also customize every instance of plug-in, to receive notification over your custom URL / CRM Application And over custom defined email address.


Getting started:

To host a new instance of available Dial2verify plugins, navigate to Plugin-Manager and click on ‘Setup New Plug-in’ button. Following frame should appear on the window.


Options explained,

1. Plugin Name:
Select from the set of available plug-ins ( within your subscribed plan )

2. Auth URL:
Set the domain name where you wish to install this plugin ( No need to specify complete URL, Only hostname is required ), Sub-domain should be declared separately. 

3. Callback URL:
Set a publicly accessible URL, on which you wish to receive verification payload. This is an optional field, and can be left blank. 

4. Notification Email:
Set a custom email address, where you wish to receive missed call alerts.
This is an optional field, and can be left blank.

One you enter required inputs, click on the ‘OK’ icon at extreme left of the plugin-manager interface,  This will host an instance of a missed call listener at Dial2Verify Engine. And you should see the Integration Code generated on the screen as follows,


You just need to copy paste the generated code and paste on the desired page ( at above defined Auth URL / domain )

<!-- Dial2Verify Plug-N-Play code start -->
var formid='<Replace_FormID>'; // Replace this with form’s ID field value
var fieldname ='<Replace_TelNumField>'; // Replace this with form’s Telephone field name
var alertVerify=1;
var pubKey='69821a72-01bb-11e3-a7db-002590c2d93a'
<script src="http://plugins.dial2verify.com/PlugNPlay/Lib/PlugNPlay.dvf?"></script>
<!-- Dial2Verify Plug-N-Play code end -->


Checking Logs:

At the extreme left of the created plugin-instances, you would find a ‘Link Text’, which displays number of records captured under the instance. Clicking on the link, will open a detailed log just below the instance bar.

You can view and download M-CDR from ‘Missed Call Data Tab


To understand how it works, Try out below account

Login: http://usage.dial2verify.in
Username: 9554595459
Password: 1234 

Drop us an email at ‘hello@dial2verify.in’ should you need any support.

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