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How to implement Missed Call based Voting / Polls / Campaigns with Dial2verify? ( For Lead Generation )
Recently you might have come across several TV Advertisements, Reality Shows, News paper Campaigns asking to give a missed call to a phone number, to share your vote / feedback.

But they do so at the cost of huge money, Here at Dial2verify, we decided to build an economical solution to it and here is, how you too can Easily & Instantly host your missed call polls / campaigns with us.

With the Dial2verify Framework it is just a 2 step activity.
    1. Login to your Dial2verify control panel ( http://usage.dial2verify.in )
    2. Go to Dedicated Numbers >> Manage My Numbers page.
    3. Update the Notification URL for numbers to your custom URL


Now on receiving a missed call on 9999119912, Dial2verify will notify an acknowledgement to the URL specified in the Notification URL field and would also drop an email ( * Optional ) to poll.yes@dial2verify.in

At the Notification URL, you can build a simple INSERT SQL, if you wish to record these responses in your CRM / Web Application.

That’s as simple as that !!!

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