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Getting Started With Missed Call IVR Logic

     We are happy to announce the release of a Basic Parser for Missed Call IVR.
     Now you can build your own powerful missed call IVR logic, but using simple XML Tags.
     Below is the brief documentation on the tags. ( We call them, DialPlates )
     How It Works:
     1. You create a static / dynamic DialPlate and upload it to your server
     ( Static: http://yourSite.com/DialPlateABC.xml / Dynamic: http://yourSite.com/DialPlateABC.php )
     2. Dial2verify attaches phone number to the DialPlate logic provided at the above URL / EndPoint.
     3. Dial2verify converts DialPlate logic into Missed Call IVR at Run time.
    All the tags should fall between <DialPlate> and </DialPlate>
    When a call is dialed to Missed call number, Dial2verify sends Caller's phone number as a URL GET parameter to your DialPlate URL.
    Ex. http://yourSite.com/DialPlateABC.php?From=XXXXXXXXXXXX

    1) Say: Used for converting Text To Speech, Anything you write between <Say> and </Say> would be converted to speech and prompted over a missed call.
                <Say>Hello and welcome to the feedback over a missed call demo.</Say>
    2) Stream: This tag is used to play Mp3 / Wav files. String written between <Stream> and </Stream> should be a valid URL to the Mp3 / Wav file.

    3) Listen: This tag would allow you to receive an input from the end user.
               You can send the input received from user to the remote URL, which in turn can provide the further IVR flow.
                 <Listen post="http://YourSite/IVR_Step2.php" >
                     <Say>If you liked this demo, Please press 1.</Say>
                    <Say>If you hated this demo, Please press 2.</Say>
                    <Say>If you would like to get in touch with us, Please press 3, followed by HASH key</Say>
            Dial2verify, would first play the tags embedded between <Listen> and </Listen> tags, and then would send
            caller's input information to the 'post' url.
            The information is sent as a GET request in below format,
            Now above URL can in turn generate a DialPlate response, Which would continue the IVR flow, to Step2 IVR.
    Feel free to reach us at hello@dial2verify.in should you wish to get a dedicated number to setup your own missed call IVR flow.
    * At present Dial2verify would support an IVR for only 45 seconds.

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