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Better and FREE Text to speech API for RICH voice prompts
Introducing all new simple to use Text to Speech API.

Whats Special:
- Support for India - Hindi language.
- Support for English ( Male / Female ) voices

Hindi Demo:
> http://goo.gl/PJ0Pe8 ( Supports UTF8 inputs )

English Male Voice:
> http://goo.gl/mdbbDa

English Female Voice:
> http://goo.gl/5Q1O9G

How to use it:
Dial2verify Text to Speech API is available to be used for FREE.
The free version limits 250 characters per text to speech request.

  • Basic Text to speech:
    ex. http://tts.mivr.dial2verify.in/?text=Hello World

  • Adding male voice ( * supported for English )
    ex. http://tts.mivr.dial2verify.in/?text=Hello World&voice=M

  • India - Hindi language TTS:
    ex. http://tts.mivr.dial2verify.in/?text=हिंदी मी जारी रखने के लिये, एक दबाइए !&lang=IN-HI

  • To download the generated text to speech mp3 files, just add &ddl=1 at the end of url
    ex. http://tts.mivr.dial2verify.in/?text=Hello World&voice=M&ddl=1

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