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Setup Call Forwarding To SafeGuard Your Missed Call Number



This article is to spread an awareness about the necessary precautions to be taken at your end to safeguard your customer facing number, from TRAI's 13th Amendment.

Dial2verify is a cloud based missed call telephony platform. Unlike any other cloud service provider, we setup an economical missed call solution for you by programmatically sharing telephony resources amongst all our users.

The 13th amendment to the TRAI states that if a company sends a promotional SMS to a DND customer, and if the customer files a complaint, all the telephony resources of the client, and those mentioned in the SMS will be terminated.

What next ?

While we can not control every individual's activities with missed call number, we recommend you to follow below steps to safeguard your customer facing number from TRAI's 13th amendment.

1. Get a Reliance GSM Sim card from for one of the circles supported by Dial2verify. ( We support Mumbai, Karnataka, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Hyderabad circles )
2. Use this number in all the customer facing interactions. ( viz. publishing over a website, print medias, tv advertisements )
3. Activate call divert, from your number, to the missed call number provided by Dial2verify.


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With this, Your customer facing number would always belong to you.
Even if some user's mistake leads to the service suspension of our missed call numbers ( Which is a rare case though ), we can immediately arrange a backup number from the alternate carrier, making your customer facing number always UP and Running.

Reliance GSM card is suggested as the 'Call being forwarded' message is not played on reliance call forwards. Contact us at hello@dial2verify.in should you need any help.

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