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What are shared missed call numbers? How can I use them?

"What are shared missed call numbers? and how and where can I use them", We often receive this query from many users and thus finally thought of writing on it.

Dial2verify provides a missed call telephony platform to developers, who wish to implement range of use cases, such as customer phone verification, launching missed call voting campaigns etc.

For implementing missed call based customer phone verification. Dial2verify provides
1. Core API
2. Plug-N-Play plugin API

When above APIs are called in via program, they generate random missed call number , to which a user needs to give a missed call to.
These random missed call numbers are taken from shared pool of numbers.

Dial2verify Provides 4 free shared numbers to every account,
viz For India, Us, Uk, Italy, with which developers can implement phone verification within their app / website.

To get further familiar to it, we recommend you trying out below 2 live examples,
1. Code using Dial2verify API : http://sample.code.dial2verify.in
2. Code using Plug-N-Play Plugin: http://sample.code.dial2verify.in/plugins/Plug-N-Play/

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