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How Do I Receive Real Time Missed Call Alerts on Gtalk / Gmail / Hangout and other IM Clients


Now you can receive real-time missed call alerts on GTalk, Hangout and all such android based IM Clients, at no extra fees.


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How do I activate it?

You would need to add dial2verify.india@gmail.com as your friend / contact on GTalk / Hangout or your own IM contact list.

How it works:

Below we have explained, how you can setup IM Notifications with respect to the 2 different implementation cases.


1) Enabling IM Notifications on a Dedicated missed call numbers:

Enabling IM notifications on a dedicated missed call number is a real simple task.
Go to Dial2verify control panel >> Manage My Numbers ( Click Here )

Set your Gmail / IM enabled email address in the ‘Email Notification’ input box provided against the dedicated missed call number.

You’re done!

Now whenever we receive a missed call on your dedicated missed call number, Dial2verify would dispatch an Email + IM notification to the set email / IM address.


2) Enabling IM notifications with Core API / Dial2verify Plugins:

When you execute Dial2verify API / Use Dial2verify plugins, you get an option to set email notification parameter value, to any of your IM enabled email address.
Once we receive a missed call from your user, Dial2verify would send email notification + IM notification to the mentioned e-notify parameter value.

Example: API Call

If you have added ‘dial2verify.india@gmail.com’ to your contact list, then you would receive IM notification along with email notification to the set email address.

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