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How do I implement Missed call to SMS Reply use case

Implementing missed call to sms response use case


Implementing missed call to sms response is a real simple task with Dial2verify Missed call number and SMS API.

This demonstration explains implementation with php programming language. Php is one of the most widely used web scripting language.


Step 1: Create a simple php script to trigger sms using Dial2verify SMS API.

Open any code editor and paste the source code available at Here.

Replace the text marked between < > on line numbers 6,7,8 to the appropriate values and then upload the webpage to your server (say, http://abc.com )

With this, we have created an sms sending script, which is now accessible at http://abc.com/SMS.php


Step 2: Point your missed call number to the sms sending script.

To point your missed call number to above created sms script, login to dial2verify Control panel >> Manage my numbers. ( Direct Link )


Now click on the Edit button icon next to the number, this would enable the edit boxes as shown in above image.

You just need to paste the URL of the sms script in the URL Notification box to get this work.

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