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How do I integrate real-time missed call logs into remote database / systems

How do I integrate missed call logs in my third party databases ( Third Party Integration )


Dial2verify sends real time URL GET notifications to the predefined notification url. Such notifications can be used to implement vast variety of use cases, such as, Triggering a callback to the missed call request / Raising a support ticket in remote support system / inserting an entry to remote CRM for tracking leads etc etc.


Let us see in bit detail, how one can implement remote notifications very easily with Dial2verify dedicated missed call number.


You might have been well aware by now, that all the dedicated missed call numbers can be managed from under 'Manage My Numbers' tab, in Dial2verify control panel.

As displayed in above screenshot, you can set the 'Notification URL' against every missed call number you own.

For Instance, let us assume we have set a notification URL to http://abc.com/missedcall.php

On receiving a missed call, Dial2verify triggers a URL GET request to the http://abc.com/missedcall.php with below mentioned parameter details.


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&VerificationCallTime=2014-10-05 16:32:07

This information can be captured and logged to the remote database or special actions could be triggered as required.

You would have noticed, along with generic details about missed caller and time, Dial2verify also sends some additional metadata about the caller, such as Caller Network / Circle Information / DND Status / Type of device etc. which could be used in optimizing the further actions to be taken on the missed call data.

Feel free to reach us at hello@dial2verify.in should you need any help with the integration.

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