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Steps For Implementing Missed Call Based Phone Number Verification Using Dial2Verify Missed Call Numbers
Here is how you can quickly implement missed call based lead generation / phone verification and capture all the missed call logs into your local database ( In real time ).

1. To get started with, You would require a dedicated missed call number. You can grab one, by upgrading your account to one of the paid plans listed at

2. Once your account is upgraded, you will get a 'Dedicated missed call number' ( which you can display on your webpage / print media etc and ask users to give a missed call on the same )


Your missed call number can be pointed to a CALLBACK URL, which would be triggered when we receive a missed call on your missed call number.

For Instance, let us assume you have set a notification URL to http://abc.com/missedcall.php

On receiving a missed call, Dial2verify triggers a URL GET request to the http://abc.com/missedcall.php with below mentioned parameter details.

&VerificationCallTime=2014-10-05 16:32:07

Now, you can build a simple script to capture URL GET parameter received on missedcall.php
and dump the leads information in your local database ( Additionally all the missed call logs would be available within Dial2verify control panel - http://usage.dial2verify.in )

You can also send a reply sms to the missed caller using
1. Auto reply option provided in the control panel ( https://www.kb.dial2verify.in/questions/70/ )


2. By making use of Dial2verify SMS API ( https://www.kb.dial2verify.in/questions/75/ )

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