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I am using Dial2verify Core API to verify phone number, How do I know using API if the missed call was received or not?
Here is how you can do so,

Step1: When you execute an API, you can pass the callback / notify URL in the API call.
Dial2verify hits the notify url, if we receive a missed call within 2 minutes of the API Call.

Suppose you want to receive notification over http://abc.com/missedcall.jsp

Then you would be required to execute API as,

Above request would return a SID ( Session Id ) and the missed call number image + text on which user <PhoneNumber> should give a missed call to


Step 2: On receiving a missed call from <PhoneNumber> within 2 minutes of the API Call, notify url would be hit as below,

&TransactionTime=<API Execution Time>
&VerificationCallTime=<Missed Call Time>

You can create a simple script at 'missedcall.jsp' to capture GET parameters and then dump them into your db or use them for custom actions.

https://dial2verify.com/corp/knowledge-base/questions/ ... x+Overview


2) If your objective is to JUST KNOW WHETHER MISSED CALL WAS RECEIVED against the API request made in step 1, then you may hit our ready-made url and pass the SID obtained in step 1, to check if the missed call was received or not.


Let us know should you need further help, you may write us at hello@dial2verify.in

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