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[Feature] Early stage access to WhatsApp Pusher API ( Send WhatsApp Messages Using Command Line )


If you are a web / application developer, then I am pretty sure, you must have had a thought of using Whatsapp platform for implementing range of use cases. Various use cases with WhatsApp could be, Right from sending OTP ( As whatsapp verifies all users at signup time ) to sending alerts & important notifications to your users ( over the channel which is most accessible to pretty much everyone these days. )

( Disclaimer: I do not personally have WhatsApp installed on my phone yet :) and would ask all our users to strictly refrain from using this api for spamming )

I have been exploring possibilities of launching a scalable and safer place to allow users launching such uses cases, without worrying much about the technical hurdles lying underline. Thus we thought of bringing up an easy to use PUSH API, for pushing content to end users.

API Endpoint:



(GET) API Key: Dial2verify API Access key
(GET) User_Phone_ISD: End user's phone number in international format

(POST) Msg: Message to be sent

Msg format can accept two type of parameters
1. Plain text message ( to send text message )
2. URL of an image ( to send an image )


  1. Sending plain text message:
    curl -XPOST 'http://api.dial2verify.com/WHAPP/SEND/TESTAPI/919911992299'
    -d 'Msg=Hello World. This is a test message'

  2. Sending an image file:

    curl -XPOST 'http://api.dial2verify.com/WHAPP/SEND/TESTAPI/919911992299'
    -d 'Msg=http://img1.sendscraps.com/se/004/009.gif'

Live Demo:

This API is in very early stage and hence delivery of message would rely on the validity of the context you pass to it.
Presently this API would be provided completely FREE OF COST to all our users.

The only fee we might ask would be your feedback time and suggestions to improve this API.

Feel free to write us at hello@dial2verify.in should you need any assistance.

Dial2verify Labs, India
rahul dot am at dial2verify dot in

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