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Verifying User's Phone Number With Missed Call - Android / iOS / Web

Implementing Dial2verify phone verification is a two step process.
There are various possible approaches in which implementation can be done but here is the easiest and reliable one.

Objective here is, to verify user's phone number / mobile number with missed call.
This would ensure, you onboard only authentic users. Dial2verify platform can be used to implement missed call based phone verification for user verification on Android, iOS, Web platforms.


We shall provide you with 2 Simple URLs, which need to be triggered from your app

  • URL 1: Will accept user's phone number with (optional ) country code and would return a missed call number to which your user should give a missed call

    Type: GET Request



    phone_number: Phone number to be verified ( *Required )
    NOTIFY: Webhook url to be called on receiving missed call ( *Optional )
    API_SECRET: Dial2verify API Key ( *Required )
    CN: Supported country code on your account ( Default: IN / US/ UK / IT ) ( *Optional )

    Sample Response:


    Response object ( json ) contains,
    ImageUrl: URL of the image containing missed call number
    VerificationNode: Text containing missed call number
    SID: Unique session id

  • URL2: This URL will can be polled with above generated session id, to identify if the missed call has been recorded or not. You may poll this URL at an interval of 5/ 10 seconds, for upto 60 seconds or so to check if user gave a missed call or not.

    In the mean time, you may display a decrementing counter on the screen and as soon as the counter reaches to 0 ( Zero ), you may ask user to re-try.

    Type: GET Request

    SID: Unique session id obtained in Step1

    Sample Response:

    {"VerifiedMobileNumber":"8431345566","VerificationStatus":"VERIFIED","SessionStartTime":"2015-07-26 06:17:49","VerifiedAt":"2015-07-26 06:21:16","SID":"FCD9A247-BED6-4C31-A632-3A97EC6C62AA"}

    Field 'VerificationStatus' would identify if the missed call has been received or not.

    Possible values for 'VerificationStatus' are,
    null : Invalid SID
    VERIFIED: Missed call received within 2 minutes of Step 1 call
    UnVerified: Default ( No missed call received )

Live Demo:
Click Here to access live demo for Indian phone number verification 

What Next:

- To get started with using Dial2verify API, you are required to opt for one of the plans listed under

- Once you upgrade your account, we shall configure an account for you and credentials shall be emailed to you on the email address used at checkout page.

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