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Authentication Platform For Web, Mobile & Apps In India ( that Works ! )

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2Factor, Two Factor Authentication Platform, offers easy to use APIs for implementing Phone verification for Web, Mobile & Apps in India.

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2Factor.in API documentation is available Here.

We also have a Sample Code in 13 Programming Languages, Click Here to access sample codes.

Here is a downloadable code in PHP.



Its Instant: 2Factor.in ensures instant delivery of OTP with low latency carrier selection. It uses primary operator as Vodafone to deliver the OTP.

It Auto Handles Failures: Our failover logic in place ensures delivery of OTP via alternate method. Both Voice and SMS Otp are backed with fail-over OTP

It Pays Back: In case 2Factor could not deliver OTP in 1st Attempt, we deliver OTP via alternate channel and bear the Cost. Credits are refunded for failed OTPs, in Real-time.

Its Compliant: We ensure strict compliance with regional laws and regulations to help you be complaint while maintaining your identity.

Send Voice OTP @ cost of SMS OTP:

Here are simple pricing plans considering all user requirements.


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