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Delivery Callback Status Format
Introducing SMS delivery notification, over callback url

Dial2verify Transactional SMS API supports upto 3 callback URLs for receiving SMS delivery reports in Realtime.
To set custom callback URL, raise a support ticket at http://support.dial2verify.com

Dial2verify shall post below parameters to the callback URL, as soon as we receive acknowledgement from the Operator.

Request Type: POST


Generic Parameters:
  • SessionId=d2v_56385ed69418b
  • SmsTo=918431345555

Status Parameters:

  • SmsStatus=DELIVERED
  • StatusGroupId=3
  • StatusGroupName=DELIVERED
  • StatusId=5
  • StatusDescription=Message delivered to handset

Error Parameters:

  • ErrorGroupId=0
  • ErrorGroupName=OK
  • ErrorId=0
  • ErrorName=NO_ERROR
  • ErrorDescription=No Error
  • ErrorPermanent=false

Parameter Details:

Generic Parameters:
  • SessionId= It is the unique session id value generated on SMS API call.
  • SmsTo= Recipient phone number ( with ISD code )

Status Parameters:

  • SmsStatus= Brief status of delivery
  • StatusGroupId= Status Group Id
  • StatusGroupName= Status Group Name
  • StatusId= Status Id
  • StatusName= Brief Name Of Status Group
  • StatusDescription= Status Description

Error Parameters:

  • ErrorGroupId= Error Group Id
  • ErrorGroupName= Error Group Name
  • ErrorId= Error Group Id
  • ErrorName= Error Name
  • ErrorDescription= Error Description
  • ErrorPermanent= Is is a permanent error.

For more details on Status and Error Group Ids and corresponding descriptions,
please visit Here

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