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How the bulk SMS service can be used for otp?

How the bulk SMS service can be used for otp? ( Quora )

Answer by Rahul Am:


As such there is no specialized service called “Bulk SMS”, it is just a terminology used to refer to high volume sms sending.

[ I work for 2Factor ( Enterprise OTP Service provider ) and below are my personal opinions ]

As you are looking for OTP ( One time password ) use case, you should look for the provider who can offer at least below features.

  • Tier 1 Operator Connectivity
  • After evaluating almost all the available A2P( application to person ) messaging operators, I could summarize that Vodafone and Airtel are the only choices I would use for OTP use cases
    ( they are more reliable and faster )- In India however most of the messaging service providers ( including the well known ) are Re-sellers ( almost 90% or above ) and thus choosing right messaging vendor would be crucial.> At 2Factor, we offer OTP delivery via Vodafone and Airtel
  • Direct connectivity with the operators:
  • There are very few messaging service providers in India, who manage direct connectivity with the operators.- Direct connectivity yields FASTER DELIVERY ( by atleast 2X time ) over aggregated routes.> At 2Factor, we manage direct connectivity with Vodafone
  • Fail over handling
  • No operator is perfect in delivering messages in first attempt, thus you should look for the provider, who has a fail-over handling logic in place, so that OTP messages can be re-routed.- This ensures you get HIGHER delivery rates.> At 2Factor, we have a fail-over logic in place, which re-routes your failed OTPs in real-time via backup carrier
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place or automated refund
  • Most messaging service vendors in India DO NOT OFFER transparent & detailed delivery reports and thus they do not have a delivery SLA in place ( as they may not be able to live up to your expectations )> At 2Factor, we have a transparent delivery SLA.
    You are charged only if OTP is delivered + OTP is delivered via Primary operators + OTP is delivered within 15 seconds. This makes us the only messaging service provider in India, offering SLA based OTP services.

I would love to discuss your use case in detail, do ping me over Quora OR drop me a mail using Contact Us option.

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