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 Phone Verification API - Syntax Overview


API Syntax Overview

Change Log:
Version 2.01 :
        - Added Notify Remote URL Feature.
        - Added In Place Image rollout Feature
        - Added JSON / IMG API response types
Version 2.10 :
        - Added On Missed Call Email Notification feature
        - Built unified API gateway interface to support both V1 & V2 Calls
Version 2.20 :
       - Added support for US Telephone Number verification
Version 2.5:
       - Added support for email notifications
       - Added support for Italy, US, UK

Brief Intro:
Dial2verify API is useful for integrating missed call functionality into your website / app.
On receiving a missed call, Dial2verify sends your application, a URL notification as well as email notification with the caller's details.

Dial2verify is mainly used for customer phone verification, missed call to crm notification, missed call based voting etc use cases.

If you are particularly looking for use case 'missed call to vote / missed call polls' then following article would be useful for quick go live,


Base URL:


Generating Http API Access PassKey:

For Accessing Dial2Verify Http API, You would first need to get an API PassKey generated for you.
Obtaining API PassKey is an Easy & Free process.

Give a missed call to 0-4466-9494-99 using your mobile number and You should immediately receive your API key in an sms.

Sample API call:

API V2.5 generates an Image / JSON response providing a Random Dialing Number ( A random number, to which, user must give a missed call )

http://engine.dial2verify.in/Integ/API.dvf?mobile=9920123456&passkey=RA$63AF2BAE-A1f2-11S2-B32F-36F93F4SCB0G&notify=http://engine.dial2verify.in/Integ/CatchAll.dvf&e-notify[email protected]&out

API Parameters:

  • version : Specifies API Version number. ( This is an optional parameter, with API v2.5, support for API v1 has been removed. )
  • mobile : Specifies the telephone number to be verified. ( Ideally it should be a 10 digit Indian mobile number, But Dial2Verify API provides you with the facility to virtually validate any phone number with up-to 12 digit length)
  • passkey : Specifies the unique API Access key allotted to the developer. ( For all the versions of APIs, you can reuse the same API Access key )
  • notify : This parameter allows you to specify your custom URL, where you wish to receive acknowledgement data for once the user gives missed call to Dial2Verify verification system

    ( As soon as user gives a missed call to the allocated Dialing Number, Dial2Verify server would send a verification data to the Notification URL set above, This way, you can get Real time update of your customer verification and can Integrate the verification information to your custom databases / CRM Systems )

    Please note, URL set should be publicly available and Notification would only be sent if the missed call is received within 2 minutes of the API SID generation. In case you do not wish to receive back information, then specify 'NA' as your Notify URL
  • e-notify: With APIv2.5, you can set email notifications for every or selected missed call requests. ( this is an optional parameter )
  • out : Specifies the output response format. API v2.5 supports, JSON & IMG response.
  • cn : cn Stands for Country Name, In the recent revision to the API ( API V 2.5 ), We expanded the reach to India/ United States / United Kingdom /Italy. Hence the valid values for this parameter are,
    IN – Which generates Indian local number for missed call verification
    US – Which generates USA local number
    UK – Generates UK local number &
    IT –  Which generates Italy local number for receiving missed call

 API Response Objects:

Dial2Verify API provides 2 type of responses,
2. ImageObject

JSON Sample:

JSON Response payload

 "ImageUrl":"http:\/\/imagestock.dial2verify.in\/[email protected]$D7E376A3-F23C-11E2-BE5C-002590C2D93A.png",


·         API Status : Status of the API Execution ( Success / Error / Usage Overflow )

·         Number : Telephone number passed to the API for verification purpose

·         SessionId : Unique Verification Session Id generated by Dial2Verify ( Can be used by the web developer to record the request ID, corresponding to the Verification Session)

·         ImageUrl : Url of the image containing Generated random dialing number

·         VerificationNode: Verification node information in text


Callback Notification Payload:

On receiving a missed call, Dial2verify sends a URL Push acknowledgement to your remote application URL. ( In realtime )

URL acknowledgment contains the following details of the caller,

Sample Callback Notification,


&TransactionTime=2013-07-24 03:03:18
&VerificationCallTime=2013-07-24 03:03:40


Remote Website/ App can use this feature to Integrate, Real-Time alerts obtained from Dial2Verify missed call platform, into their own Database Applications / CRM Applications.


  • SID : SID is a unique verification session ID generated by Dial2Verify Verification Server. ( It is same as the SessionId generated in the API Call. For every verification request generated, Dial2Verify system binds a unique session id. )
  • VerifiedNumber : Verified Number identified the number which has been confirmed / validated.

  • TransactionTime : Transaction time is the time at which, Verification request was initiated at Dial2Verify servers.

  • VerificationCallTime : Verification Call Time, Indicates the time at which user gave a missed call to the assigned Dialing Number

  • Operator: Caller’s telecom Operator details

  • TelcoCircle: Caller’s telecom circle information

  • NumberType: Caller’s phone number  information

  • DNDStatus: Caller’s DND status information


In addition to the URL acknowledgement, Dial2verify also sends an email acknowledgement with below format.



[Dial2Verify] Missed Call from 9554595459


[email protected]


[email protected]


Wed,24 Jul 2013 03:03:40


This is to inform you, that, you just received a missed call on your Dial2Verify Listener.

Here are the details,

Missed Call From: 9554595459
Missed Call Time: 2013/07/24 : 03:03:40 IST.

Operator: Vodafone
Telco Circle: Karnataka
Number Type: Mobile
DND Status: No


Team Dial2Verify





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