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Use Cases: “Why give a call when just a missed call can do it all”
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For Website Owners:

In today’s era of semantic web, building legitimate and trusted user base is a key to the optimized revenue. Let us see how Dial2verify API can help you in building cleaner & trusted user-base.

Signup Verification

Dial2verify API can be used for verifying customer
mobile number at the time of a signup process.
This will ensure only legitimate and trusted users
are given access to the services.

Dial2verify API can be used to Optimize sales
revenue by eliminating promotional campaign
cost on spam / un-verified users. ( Ex. Costs
on promotional sms offers sent )

Revenue Optimization

Transaction Authorization

Dial2verify can be used as a Cheaper yet an
Effective alternative to SMS OTP & captcha.
Our records show, it helps in saving almost
58K INR a month. ( For an average sized
e-commerce company )

For Business Owners:

In today’s competitive edge, it is important for businesses to receive occasional feedback and engage with customers for retaining them, Let us see how  Dial2verify can help you engage with your customer, in an in-expensive and easy way.

Instant Lead Generation

Using Dial2verify missed call gateway, Your
customers can provide you feedbacks with just
a missed call.

For Example.
If you like our product, give a missed call to
99991 Else to 99992.
If you have received the shipment, give a missed
call to 99991 Else to 99992

Receive Customer Feedback

With Dial2verify API, you can host polls
for accepting user inputs on product

For Example.
Which phone would you like to buy on
our website.
1. N277 - Missed call to 992933
2. N287 - Missed call to 992934

Reach Your Customers

With Dial2verify API, You can make yourself reachable to your customer, Just a Missed call away.

Missed call by your customers can be turned into a support ticket in your CRM app.

Our missed call forwarding to URL and
Email can be used to make yourself reachable round the clock.

For Developers:

Dial2verify is an Open platform, built for developers to bring out their innovative ideas. Let us know what you create on top of Dial2verify framework. We are also planning to launch a developer marketplace soon. With this, you can sell your custom made plug-ins on Dial2verify.

Write to us at
[email protected] should you need any support from us.

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